Art Teach

Francine Sculli is a passionate arts educator and a believer in the crucial importance of arts education for both children and adults alike. With a Diploma in Education (Primary), five years experience as a specialist arts teacher and an abundance of love and creativity, Francine creates a learning environment that is nurturing, igniting, deep thinking, daring, expressive, questioning, experimental, imaginative, inspiring and unique. Francine believes in teaching arts as a thinking subject, using the arts as a medium for responding to the world around us. Francine hopes to inspire children to be deep thinkers, curious explorers, questioners of the world around them, creative problem solvers, confident acquirers and sharers of knowledge and visions, visionaries and the next generation of people who live life beneath the surface. Francine’s teaching is forever inspired by one of Einstein’s most famed quotes:


She currently teaches primary school visual arts, with mini units on performing arts, at Sunshine Heights Primary School in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Aside from teaching, Francine has coordinated and worked collaboratively on many projects and programs at the school including:

  • the SHPS school band
  • an annual art show and festive concert
  • Wakakirri performances (2011 & 2013)
  • a girls’ leadership group to promote positive mind/body/spirit (which includes a whole school event entitled ‘Be Yourself, Express Yourself, Love Yourself’ and a student lead and produced zine by the same name exhibiting work from students that celebrates and promotes our individuality)
  • a community musical garden (including an outdoor stage, recycled musical totem poles, recycled tyre totem poles, a mural, outdoor blackboards for children’s drawings and tyre seating underneath a shaded tree alcove)

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