Francine Sculli loves keeping lists. She even wrote a list about herself.

  1. keeper of lists
  2. emerging writer
  3. teacher of the arts
  4. maker of outrageous things
  5. mother
  6. big kid
  7. tinkerer of the ebony and ivory keys
  8. memory collector
  9. adventurer
  10. advocator for creativity
  11. doer of deeds
  12. believer of magic
  13. reader of books
  14. creative thinker
  15. deep dweller
  16. nomad in spirit
  17. obsessor of words
  18. acquirer of knowledge
  19. descriptor
  20. indulger of chocolate-coated raspberry licorice
  21. fitness concubine
  22. sucker for belly laughs
  23. observer
  24. explorer
  25. risk-taker
  26. sharer
  27. eternal student
  28. wilderbeast (who has made this here her creative stomping ground)

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